Tag: Drywall Surfacer


DURLAST • Drywall Primer DURLAST is a high quality, high solids drywall primer specifically formulated to fill pores and equalize the suction difference between gypsum board surface paper & compound. DURLAST is to be applied as a first coat to the entire, prepared gypsum board surface and skim coatings, to help minimize most decorating problems, …

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READY-MIX TEXTURE MH • Non-Aggregated Wall and Ceiling Texture READY-MIX TEXTURE MH is an non-aggregated, premixed vinyl base, economical texture coating designed to create a variety of textures such as orange peel, knock-down, splatter, stipple, or hand applied textures. READY-MIX TEXTURE MH is a product designed to conceal minor surface defects over interior gypsum wallboard …

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